A computer package solving the nuclear time-dependent Schrödinger equation to study fundamental molecular reactivity.

  Quantics implements the powerful multi-configurational time-dependent Hartree algorithm. For further details of the capabilities of the package see the documentation see the Quantics Documentation

Quantics is available on request through the CCPForge development platform. Either send an e-mail to g.a.worth@bham.ac.uk or register on CCPForge https://ccpforge.cse.rl.ac.uk/gf/ and request to join the quantics project.

Exercises to help learn the basic ideas of quantum dynamics and how to use the program are available:
Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3
Supporting Files

The older Heidelberg MCTDH package is still available on request. See the following web site for full details. To MCTDH Home Page